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Overpopulation In The Philippines Essay

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In 2014, it is the 12th most populated country in the world. It has a growth rate of 1.89% per year. In 2013 population of 98,734,798 and 2014 population of 100,617,630 in the Philippines. In 2010, the census results show that the population increased nearly 16 million from the 2000 census results. The growth rate has slowed slightly from the previous census, down to 1.89% from 2.34%. The Philippines’ largest city is Quezon City, which contains 2,679,450 people and makes up parts of Manila with 16 cities, containing 25 million people which is more than a quarter of the Philippines population. The growth rate is so high that now three babies a minute are being born.



-After its period under the Spanish empire the main religion in the Philippines is Catholic, this means that under their religion contraception is forbidden to be used. This leads to a higher birth-rate due to the lack of contraception used.

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-The level of education is extremely poor, especially on contraception and sexual education. This is not helped by the Roman Catholic Church who are against contraceptives.


-The government refuse to provide free birth controls for its citizens.
-The country is also in turmoil, its church is very powerful (Catholic)


-Food shortages, shortage of housing leading to high density slums which spread disease quicker also increasing poverty. Unemployment is high as well as a depletion in resources. -Despite its economic growth, this still hasn’t translated into a higher employment rate.


-Low GDP as low food amounts, to stop this governments may have to rely on foreign debt -With high unemployment meaning that there is more economic strain on those that are in work. -The Philippines ranks in one of the worst countries by the World Bank of starting a business. This means that the government don’t collect enough income tax meaning they cannot improve the infrastructure and other aspects of the areas. -There are a high number of Filipinos working abroad, there is a worry that these may be returning to the country, where will they live? Another problem with this is that these Filipinos with businesses take them elsewhere to prosper as in the Philippine sit is hard to start it up.


-Typhoon’s, destroy crops and housing causing shanty town populations to increase rapidly.
-Higher pollution levels from the shanty towns, despite people picking out valuables through rubbish and selling them on.

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